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Elisa Melón i Marina Girbal, guanyadores dels premis del XVII Congrés SCI.


Guanyadora de la millor presentació oral:

Elisa Melón Ardanaz

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Unit, August Pi i Sunyer Research Institute, Clínic Hospital of Barcelona (Barcelona).

Títol presentació: Single-cell RNA sequencing temporal analysis reveals a detrimental effect of JAK inhibition on myeloid cells in tofacitinib refractory ulcerative colitis patients.


Guanyadora del millor pòster:

Marina Girbal González

Section of Physiology,Dept. of Biochemistry and Physiology, Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Sciences, University of Barcelona (Barcelona).

Títol presentació: Effect of immunogenic gliadin peptide 33-mer and its fragments on the cytokine production by human intestinal biopsies of coeliac patients and peritoneal macrophages.